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Ensure your efforts last for generations

Right now there are over 6 million children being trafficked for work, sex and even for their organs. For people and organisations looking to make a difference, Arts4Changes is an exciting program where partners are coming together to make a real lasting and sustainable impact.

Micro-Financing future artists

The Arts4Changes program therefore is a platform which will micro-finance and empower individuals at risk to support them and their families through art. The nature of creating pieces of art will not only provide them with means of an income but also provide essential therapeutic healing.


Want to help?

There are plenty of ways to help, ask our lead artist for more info –



The Vision:Create massive change!

For those established or would be art collectors who love; great original art on their walls, supporting emerging artists, and also make a lasting difference to families in the poorest parts of the world. For these individuals and groups, Arts4Changes is a membership platform which provides great art and in return supports artists and their families from diverse cultural and economical backgrounds.

The market demand, and humanitarian needs, that Arts4Changes was created to address are:

‘Market Demand’ – For those that love art – often good original paintings not within their budgets and they settle for a $50 picture from a department store to decorate their homes with. If these consumers had the choice within their budgets they would more likely choose good original/limited edition art than a mass produced product. So how can we make good original art more accessible to the general public?

‘Humanitarian Need’ – Millions of people are living in poverty and are being/at risk of trafficking – one of the biggest areas for prevention efforts is in keeping kids in schools. One thing that is missed in these efforts is that it is not normally the cost of schools that stops kids from going to school, but their loss of earning potential to the family.

It’s interesting that when put together these two ‘needs’ are at polar ends of a spectrum of ‘needs’ – yet it is exactly because of that difference they can bring a beautiful balance that crosses countries and cultures.

The Platform:

Visitors to art galleries, art groups, social media targeted individuals will be offered membership of 4 tiers.
Each tier of membership will provide various benefits that will include an original piece of art, ability to change that piece each 6 months/year, membership events at galleries, updates from the artists, discount on art materials, other corporate partner benefits etc.

This platform has a similarity with those that use a sponsor model (sponsor a child, school, toilet (!) etc) that are out there – but has some important differences. For example, it provides the member with something of great value in a piece of art that they like and also provides a means whereby those receiving the help are doing so with dignity, as they have created something of value (the art) that has been sold.

This platform also provides a much more satisfying way of donating. Millions of people each year donate billions to worthy causes. One of the main reservations that people have to donating is not knowing how their donation is being spent and being able to trust is being put to good use. Arts4Changes will enable the membership funds to go directly to the artists and their families and provide a way in which the donors can see very visually the changes they are facilitating.

Get in touch to help/get some great art!

There are many ways that you can get involved. Companies that already have projects underway can use the platform to maximise the impact of their funds and donations. Individuals can help to sponsor and micro-finance an artist, receive a great piece of art each 6 months and make a real difference in a person’s (and their family’s) life.